Whether you use your towels to wipe hands, dry-off or lay on in the sand, we know that towels definitely get a daily work-out. Good laundry practices will help keep your towels looking fresher and lasting longer.

The first wash
Be careful! Bright and vibrant colors can also fade at a temperature that does not exceed 30°C.

Sort and separate
To keep your light colored towels bright and your dark color towels deep, avoid combining loads. When you wash a terry product for the first time surplus dye may run. At a temperature of 60° the colors will remain wash fast. Ensure that towels are dry since damp towels can lead to discolorations.

The right dose of detergent
Dose the detergent according to the manufacturer's instructions on the package. If you use too much, detergent residue will deposit onto the fabric, the cotton fibers will toughen and the colors will fade.
Using too little product may mean that there are insufficient active ingredients to combat water hardness, which can affect the softness of the fibers.

The right detergent
In order to preserve the brightness of the colors over the years we recommend the use of a mild detergent for colored terry products. A high performance detergent containing optical brighteners should only be used for white terry products.

Fabric softener
Be careful not to use too much fabric softener. The waxy buildup from softeners adheres to the surface of the cotton fibers deteriorating them and reducing the absorbency of the fabric thus increasing lint formation. A terry cloth dried over a radiator will soften when rubbed and kneaded.


It is quite normal for terry products to produce lint when they are new – especially if they are high-grade or high-piled fabrics. To prevent excessive and long-term linting, the towels should not be allowed to rub too much in the washing machine so that you should always ensure that the washing drum is full to capacity. When washing for the first time please observe the permissible filling quantity recommended by the manufacturer of the washing machine.

We use our extremely soft natural cotton fibers which can never be absolutely shrink-proof. You can prevent the fabric from shrinking by stretching it and pulling it into shape whilst it is still damp or after drying. The tumble dryer temperature should not be set too high to not overheat the cotton fibers.

Pulled threads
Do not pull out threads. Simply cut them off flush with the pile. To prevent pulled threads, please do not wash your terry products together with garments which have hooks or zips.