In 1897 the advancements made in the textile industry in the Münster region prompted the businessmen Carl Ross and Hermann Scho to found a weaving company specializing in linen, half-linen and household linen.       

They manufactured a broad array of products e.g. pure linen, half-linen, towels, tea towels as well as linen interlining, cheese cloth and blueprint, which hardly anybody knows anymore.      
Due to the relatively damp climate, the Münster region, home to our headquarters, was ideally suited for the manufacture of cotton fabrics. Nowadays climatic conditions no longer play a decisive role in the manufacture of our products because of the artificial air conditioning during the production process.  
With the outbreak of World War I, the still young company suffered from a shortage of raw materials which initially led to noticeable difficulties in the development of the business.

Nevertheless, in 1929, hardly 20 years after the establishment of the company,  Ross Textilwerke comprised 364 looms and 300 employees.  

During World War II, 70 per cent of the spinning mill, which had since been added to the procuction site, was destroyed.
After all the damages had been repaired, the strong demand for our products favored the positive development of our company. Therefore, a newly developed fabric "terry", already used on a wide scale in the US, was introduced into production. In 1953, a highly modern plant, using the lastest techniques at the time, was built for the manufacture of a wide range of high-quality terry goods. 400 looms, running around the clock, as well as 500 employees, working in several shifts and earning an independent living, were the direct results of our joint efforts.    

In the 1990s our production site was completed by the construction of a fully automated yarn dyeing plant as well as a piece dyeing plant. Since sustainability and environmental protection are top priorities for us, we take a proactive stance in this matter by constantly modernizing and modifying our production site to include the latest technological developments in order to lastingly preserve and conserve our environment in a sustainable manner.
An example is the multiple use of process water in the production cycle which drastically reduces the water consumption. Finally, we extract the residual energy with the help of our heat recovery system which we then use in the following production processes.

In order to successfully continue to fulfill our customers' wish for ever-shorter delivery times, a large and most modern distribution center was built which provides precise logistics an an unequaled reliability.   
Since the company's production facilities as well as our factory buildings were built in 1897 and have since grown continuously, the large-scale renovation measures of the site related to energy conservation present a major challenge.       
Our own team of creative minds works hard to create and present multiple trend collections of terry fabrics and tea towels to our customers over the year. Innovation and state-of-the-art technology enable us to live up to our high quality standards as well as th continuously changing fashion trends.